If you are interested in a career in coding, no matter your experience level (newbie friendly), we need your help. 

We will work 1-on-1 with you to complete our exclusive accelerated “code Now” certification in just 30 days so you land a 5-6 figure career in coding.


"Thanks to Mike's mentorship and guidance, I was able to accomplish my goal of becoming a full-time paid web developer. He helped me understand the fundamentals of web development much easier than other online resources I previously used."

- Chris D.


"I originally wanted to build my own platform so I didn't have to pay any subscription fees. Code now helped me achieve that and more. The community really helped."

- Vanessa V.

We have a proven track record of success and over the years we have gained the reputation for being the best and most effective training program in the coding space. On that note, we are only looking to speak with people who are 110% committed to reaching their goals, have the finances to comfortably invest in themselves without excuses or delay and are able to get started RIGHT NOW.

The Fastest Path To Coding.

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